Expecting number two.

Long time, no see!
Things have been crazy the last five months. First I discovered that I was pregnant in September, then I was hospitalized because of extreme morning sickness around week 8 of pregnancy. After one week with iv fluids, meds around the clock and many hours spent in bed, I finally got out of the hospital and got back home to my son. I got rid of the nausea in week 16, but instead I got another disease that is most likely to last through the entire pregnancy.

I will not write about what this disease is or how it affects me because I do not want any attention to this. I'd rather spend the time and my words to write about the positive things that is happening in my life. I will focus on what this blog is all about even though I'm pregnant. It will not be about weight loss anymore, but being healthy and trying to become a more glamorous mom. With several months being so sick that even makeup has reach its expiration date, I think it's time to get those makeup brushes working and try a decent outfit again.


Autumn clothing

I love is when autumn reaches Norway. Even though it's cold, I think it's great when the evenings are getting dark, in contrast of the bright summer with sun almost 24 hours a day. With the dark evenings the cold weather comes too. When I searched for winter clothes and outfit ideas on Lookbook, the only thing that came up was what I consider as fall clothes. There were no wool cloth or jackets that hold me warm when it's 20 degrees below. Even though I love looking for summer outfits online, I had to find my own inspiration for this cold season.These clothes won't keep me warm all the time, but I would use them on those days when the only reason I'm outside is when I'm running from the car to my housedoor.


Makeup event

Some weeks ago I was invited to a makeup event with a Mary Kay consultant. We were four girls that was invited to try some of the many products that Mary Kay sells. Since this was a makeup event we mostly tried makeup products, but she also had some hand creme and scrub we tried on before we started to do our makeup.

The event was great! She was helpful to find products and color to our makeup. I fell in love with the concealer and eye shadow shades. I learned a lot of new tricks to make me look more beautful, And I'm happy I went.

Have you ever tried Mary Kay?


Opening up

It's days like this that makes me think about everything and nothing at once. Sometimes I'm scared of getting into the "basement" again with my mental health. Sometimes I'm smiling all day and forget about everything that hurts me. It's ups and downs all the time, and it makes me crazy. I just want to get rid of those crazy thoughts. When you see me out in public or home when my son is awake, i'm fine. I'm smiling and talking to everyone, but when I'm alone it's like turning on a light and all the problems get out of the dark and I have to deal with them. I know I'm a good mother to my son, and I know that I have everything lined up, but it's the small things that just eats up my brain.

One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog was because I want for once just show someone that I can also do something I set my mind to. I want someone to be proud of me and my work. Even though my family and friends ain't going to read my blog, they are going to see the result of me when I get thinner and more fabulous. I hope I can do this just so someone will be proud. That's all I ask for.


The famous before picture

Now I'm going to do one of the things that scares me most in the world. I know i'm fat and I certainly don't look like a model, but a some days so I feel actually pretty. As I have mentioned in the past as I have plans to go down in weight. I have also a plan to learn more about makeup, clothes and hair while I lose weight so when I reach my goal weight  I can a little bit about it to look good whether in everyday life or out on the town. I want to show you my way through this, and for that I'm going to post before picture. This is how I really look with the sweatpants, zero makeup, and new washed hair. Let's hope the next the images that come out here is a bit better than this.

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As I mentioned earlier, I've just moved into a new apartment. This apartment is located in the city so that it is just a walking distance of around 10 minutes to the city center as opposed to a drive of 20 minutes that I had earlier. What's so awesome about this place is that it is located in the 2nd floor, and if I feel lonely one day, I just have to open the window, and then I hear cars, people and noise of city life.  I have a lot of plans for this apartment, but we'll see eventually if I can manage to carry them out. I'm going to fix an image in photoshop that would show a little more of the style that I'm going to have. Here's a sneak peek at the living room so that it is right now.

Let's be healthy

One of the plans I have for this blog was to show my way down the weight scale. I've lost about 20 kilos in the past, but it is only half of what I should be going down, so now I'm going to give priority to the last 20 kilos.

I'm not going to do some big changes with the food I eat, but little things such as eating fruit for snack, make more homemade food and walk past the chocolate shelf in the store. The plan is to lay out different recipes I try, the training I am doing and photos along the way. I can not wait to run longer than the three minutes I can now